Hemp is Our Future

Hemp isn’t just our future, but we believe it is a vital component of the future of our economy, technology, and industry. With so many beneficial uses, it’s important to keep an eye on the bigger picture.

The vision of the International Hemp Solutions, as a Public Benefit Corporation, is to help reestablish the Industrial Hemp Industry in the United States, and beyond, as a viable economic driver.

Our Mission

Members of International Hemp Solutions all seek to build the global Industrial Hemp Industry utilizing the valuable building block that is the Cannabis plant. Simultaneously, we see opportunities to enhance the academic programs based on the Hemp plant and it’s many uses. Creating economic development for rural communities to rebuild their economies is equally important to this group.

Among the goals is to create a seed exchange for domestic and international suppliers to provide appropriate seed cultivars to:

  1. The farming communities in Colorado first;
  2. The farming belt from Colorado to Chicago;
  3. And, then to the rest of America.

We also to seek to build an inclusive network of like-minded individuals and organizations.

Many of the goals and aspirations of IHS are philanthropic and altruistic, therefore, the founders of the organization chose a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) corporate status, rather than other available corporate and/or limited liability forms.

International Hemp


  • Building an Industrial Hemp Curriculum & Certification
  • The logistical challenges of Industrial Hemp
  • The science of Industrial Hemp
  • The business of Industrial Hemp
  • Agriculture of Industrial Hemp
  • Agronomics, and the Farmer engagement
  • The legalities of Industrial Hemp
  • Protecting your Intellectual Property
  • Fundraising for your Industrial Hemp business
  • Business and strategic planning for your Industrial Hemp business
  • Building realistic pro forma financial projections
  • Preparing your company to take investment funds

Global Vision, Local Wisdom

Hemp Farmer

IHS plans to manage virtually all of the associated business and commercial planning, including:


Acquiring the proper licenses, registrations, permissions, and regulatory compliance affirmations while collecting royalty fees and electing participation in associated intellectual property.


Seed acquisition, tracking, handling, storage, marketing and distribution.


Development of new technologies, markets, and resources surrounding industrial hemp.


Consultation to interested parties.

Meet the IHS Team

Kevin Sullivan

Kevin Sullivan


Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army (Ret.)

Bob Hoban

Bob Hoban

Chairman of the Board

Bob Hoban is the nation’s leading hemp attorneys...

Michael Bright

Michael Bright


Chief Financial Officer

David Maddalena

David Maddalena


Chief Communications Officer

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